Welcome to the Summer Term and the clubs that are available. Clubs are open to any gender and start on Monday 126th April.

Please go to the changing room/room as is indicated below:


After School

  • Year 7 Athletics (Sports Hall)
  • Year 8 Drama Club (G2)


After School

  • Year 7 Cricket Club (Gym)
  • Year 8¬†Rounders Club (Sports Hall)
  • Year 8 Cricket Club (Sports Hall)
  • Year 8 Guitar Club (G3)
  • Year 7 Drama Club (G2)


After School

  • Year 8 Athletics Club (Sports Hall)
  • Year 9 Rounders Club (Gym)
  • Year 7 Keyboard Club (G3)


After School

  • Year 7 Rounders Club (Sports Hall)
  • Year 7 Rugby Club (sports Hall)

*You must sign your name on the seating plan on entry to indicate where you are getting changed*

Computers are available for use from 8am in A2. The library is open from 3.20pm to 4.00pm every day to enable students to complete private study.

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