Day 5

on Friday, 17 February 2017.

Day 5


The last full day of skiing was some of the most successful - and scenic - of the entire week. The improvement in conditions meant that students could leave the Masella valley for the first time and ski down into neighbouring La Molina - and with it were able to enjoy some of the most stunning vistas the entire resort had to offer. One group were even able to spot the local Chamois - a particularly rare sight so high up.

As well as this all groups had a play in the ‘Ski Park’ - an area set aside for jumps and rails - to demonstrate just how far they had progressed and (almost) all were successful! In the afternoon two groups joined up to ski down the mountain together - and tomorrow the plan is for Alec Hunter to come together en masse and take over the morning pistes.

As has become the tradition the last evening brought with it the awards ceremony, with a variety of prizes awarded to the strongest, bravest, most talented, most helpful - and also the most injury prone and clumsy students of the tour. We shall let you work out which awards Rhys Dunleavy, Olivia Seex, Matthew Hollingsworth, Grace Malyon, Sophie Rutland, Ellis Rose and others were awarded!  In truth, any one of the 32 students representing Alec Hunter Academy could and should have received an award as they have all consistently represented themselves - and the school - with aplomb.

A celebratory dance in the disco gave way to the rush of packing for one last morning of skiing and the long journey home tomorrow - our fingers are crossed and we are hopeful that our injury-free run continues and that Friday morning in Masella proves to be even more enjoyable than the previous. See you all soon!

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