Teaching Staff

  • Mr Doolan - Head of Curriculum Area
  • Mrs Fennelly - Associate Head of Curriculum Area
  • Mrs Palmer - KS3 Coordinator
  • Mrs Gillett
  • Mr Hogan
  • Miss Schunmann
  • Ms Way


Language is fundamental to thinking and learning. Our aim as English teachers is to give children control over their use of language for writing, reading and speaking and listening. We are a community of teachers inspired with a passion for our subject and energised to constantly seek out creative approaches to teaching. Through our approach to the teaching of literature and language, we seek to open young minds to the endless possibilities in life so that they might develop into lifelong learners able to interrogate and maximise whatever circumstances, be they spiritual, economic, personal or material that meet them as they live out their lives. This approach allows us to maintain our duty to ensure that each of our students achieves the very highest academic grades they are capable of, as well as equipping them with literacy skills for success across the curriculum.

Throughout each Key Stage, each unit of work is designed to enhance and embed our student's ability to communicate effectively through speech and writing whilst gaining the skills needed to read and understand a myriad of text types. We aim to achieve this with the use of a variety of texts from modern media to Shakespeare, and our choice of text also gives an insight into a range of cultures and moral and philosophical ideas. We constantly revamp and update our units of work so that our methods are informed by current pedagogical thinking and our choice of text reflect the interests of our students and changing times in which we live. Students are assessed regularly and in a variety of ways, receiving regular feedback to encourage continuous improvement.

All students in both Key Stages take part in active group work as well as individual studies and, at every opportunity, are encouraged to become reflective learners capable of interrogating their own strengths and identifying their own areas to develop. Students are active in every aspect of their learning from the beginning of their time studying English at Alec Hunter.

‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world.’ Wittgenstein


  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature


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