At Alec Hunter Academy we are committed to supporting student progress through the provision of high quality teaching. Expectations of lessons have been developed and agreed by staff and are summarised as the ‘Alec First 11'. These principles form the basis of teaching and learning excellence at Alec Hunter Academy.

1. Progress, Progress, Progress 

Student progress is evident both within lessons and over time in their work.  Effective use of tracking helps students to engage with their learning journey.

2. Engaging and varied learning activities 

Planned activities promote a high level of engagement and ensure both progress and enjoyment of learning.

3. High expectations and celebrating success

Students display a positive attitude to learning.  They commit to learning activities fully, showing resilience and the determination to achieve their aspirational goals.  Regular opportunities exist to celebrate success and promote ‘gold learning.’

4. Effective challenge and differentiation 

Work is personalised to ensure that it is both challenging and achievable allowing all pupils to succeed and fulfil their potential.  Pace is well judged to ensure learning is maximised.

5. Deep questioning 

Effective questioning draws learning from students, extends and develops quality of answers, widens involvement and progress and secures inclusive discussion and debate.

6. Intervening with impact

Teachers identify misconceptions and plan and adapt strategies at a whole class, group or individual level where appropriate to secure progress.

7. Shared success criteria 

Students are clear on the purpose of tasks and how they can be successful and make progress.  Skills are modelled, clearly explained and exemplars used effectively.

8. Assess, feedback and review  

Assessment is regular and informs planning, teaching and interventions.  Students know the level they are working at and what they need to do to make further progress, supported by effective ‘closing the gap’ activities resulting in revisiting and redrafting work to develop and consolidate students understanding and gains in progress.

9. Embed literacy, numeracy and learning for life 

Learning activities develop and practice core skills at a high level including accurate and extended written communication.

10. Effective homework 

High quality homework supports learning and progress by consolidating new knowledge, extending understanding or preparing students for the next challenges ahead.

11. Pride in learning 

Work is well presented and developed fully.  Students show a ‘growth mindset’ taking on board feedback from staff and students to reflect on and improve their work.

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