Learner to Learner Project

on Thursday, 22 June 2017. Posted in News

Learner to Learner Project

This school year has seen the return of the Learner to Learner project. The project runs throughout the year and is attended by selected Year 8 students from Alec Hunter and Honywood and also Year 5 students from our local primary schools. In the past, it has been a really successful project and this year was no exception.

Each group (a mixture of all students) picked a teaching and learning focus for the year. On each of our visits to four of the schools (Honywood, John Bunyan, Alec Hunter and Lyons Hall), groups researched the different protocols, environments and teaching and learning styles. With this data, all groups met on Wednesday 21st June at Alec Hunter to produce a presentation that was delivered to headteachers, governors and their peers. It was a day of inspiration and innovation, that included ideas such as 'The Umbrella of Education' and the concept that teachers need to be octopuses (thankfully, not in the literal sense, but metaphorically - with 8 important 'tentacles' that contribute to successful learners)!

Each school now has a bounty of research to take back and develop in order to improve their school's teaching and learning. It has been an eye-opening experience and has empowered our students by allowing them to take some control of how their respective schools are run.

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