Cambridge University - MFL Language Seminar

on Thursday, 06 July 2017.

Cambridge University - MFL Language Seminar

On Friday 30th June ten year students had the opportunity to visit Cambridge University and to take part in a day of master classes in Modern Foreign Languages.  The students had the chance to attend a lecture about the importance of studying Modern Foreign Languages and their vital role in society and the work place today.  The group was split and the students had a chance to work with students in other schools in a lesson in the language they are studying for GCSE.

They also did taster sessions in two other languages which they had not studied before (Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese or Russian).  The students came away inspired to do well in their language studies.  Thank you to Miss Ruth and Miss Winter for organising the visit.

"Starting the day bright and early (7.30 am), we left for Magdalene College, Cambridge.  Arriving at 9.30 am, as excited Language students we were ready to learn. Firstly, we were all given an introductory speech about the importance of learning Foreign Languages.  We were introduced to three Cambridge students and they told us a little about their journey and the path they had taken to study languages.  Our first language session was our chosen GCSE subject (Spanish, French or German).  We had a break and then had introductory session to some of the other languages available to Cambridge university students, such as Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.  We then went on to lunch and afterwards rotated to another language.  Finally we had a lecture summing up our day and a final goodbye".

- Matthew Austin - Year 10U

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